Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Queer Gaze

Today, Tuesday, November 17th, from 11:30am - noon PST, I will join the illustrious Eva Lake on KBOO's ART FOCUS program. We will be discussing the exhibition itself, touching on the history of feminist art and queer culture, as well as a more in depth discussion of several of the pieces in the show. You can tune in, here in Portland on 90.7fm or stream it live online http://www.kboo.org/.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18th, from noon - 1:00pm PST, Lorenzo Triburgo, Megan Holmes, and I will join Chris Haberman for a live broadcast webTV interview on PDX ART SCENE. We will be talking about Fontanelle and Queer Gaze. Lorenzo and Megan will each have a chance to talk about their works in the show. http://www.pdxartscene.com/index.php/artscene-tv/art-talk

Lastly, please join us this Thursday, November 19th, from 8pm - 10pm at Fontanelle for another look at Queer Gaze. We're hosting a party, with live musical performances by Play/Start and Boy Joy.

The exhibition will be on view for a couple more weeks. If you are not here in Portland, fear not, for a virtual peek at the exhibition is available on our website: http://www.fontanellegallery.com/showscurrent.html

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  1. A fantastic interview, and it's great to see the astute, fun inclusions for Queer Gaze - thanks Leslie! - TJ